Twitch Bots: 8 Great Chatbots to Upgrade Your Twitch Stream Level

chatbot for twitch

You can reference an authentication sample to accomplish this, or simply use the Twitch Chat OAuth Password Generator. Twitch chat can be accessed through IRC, and we can programmatically connect to Twitch IRC with tmi.js. You should now have everything you need to begin building your bot.

For example, if the limit is 20 messages per 30 seconds, the window starts when the server processes the first message and lasts for 30 seconds. At the end of the window, the counter resets and a new window begins with the next message. The Twitch IRC server does not guarantee the order of the messages. It may also send a message multiple times if it doesn’t think the bot received it. To customize commands in Streamlabs Chatbot, open the Chatbot application and navigate to the commands section.

chatbot for twitch

If you’re not already familiar with them, reading them may help you understand the Twitch IRC server. You can tweak how you want GPT-3 to generate text by changing what you send in the body of your request. If you want to dig a little deeper, check out this other post about using GPT-3 with Node.js. The Playground also has a cool feature that allows you to grab some Python code you can run, using OpenAI’s Python library, for whatever you used the Playground for.

To set up a chatbot, link your Twitch account to the chatbot service via the Connect to Twitch button on the chatbot’s official website. With all these features, Moobot can be an essential tool in building your online streaming presence. Increase engagement and reward loyalty by letting your viewers request which songs to play on stream. Your Moobot can make this a big encouragement for your viewers to follow or sub. Moobot can relax its auto moderation for your Twitch subs, give them extra votes in your polls, only allow your subs to access certain features, and much more.


A free Twitch bot service, Wizebot ensures a secure streaming. It offers a multitude of tools and possibilities for viewers and live streamers. This chatbot consists of a robot that can scan chats, give display notifications for subscription, follows and more. The features of Wizebot are being constantly updated to make streaming experience more fun. They offer service to more than 30,000 Twitch partners and over 300,000 channels. It also offers real-time files for overlays and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

The callback function defines the behavior the bot will have on each message that is pushed to the chat. Also, you’ll notice that I defined a specific error type for configuration ingestion, instead of just using generic error types. I tend to do this most of the times because it makes so much easier to analyze any stack trace that comes my way when using the applications I create. Typically to get a chatbot on Twitch, you will need to log in to the Chatbot site using your Twitch account. All you have to do to activate the Stay Hydrate Bot is to type ‘! Hydrate username’ (obviously, you will replace username with your Twitch username) into your stream.

In this article, you will find detailed information about how to deactivate, reactivate or delete your Twitch account in 2019. You can adjust your Moobot and dashboard to fit the needs of you, your Twitch mods, and your community on Twitch. The bot is running locally and connected to the Twitch IRC server if it prints “Connected to…” in the terminal window. Click the “Join Channel” button on your Nightbot dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to mod Nightbot in your channel.

You like to do things right, as such, you’d like to have layers of interaction with your viewers like the pros do. While Twitch mods can’t add a bot, you can give them access to them as an editor where they can add or change commands to help your stream run smoothly. While many compare the bots, ultimately the choice is up to you in which product will better help you entertain your viewers. It is important to note that Twitch has an automatic moderation system that is available in your creator dashboard. You are able to set the level (between 1-4) and it will filter your chat. For additional options, you can easily integrate apps into your chat.

You will need to set up a Twitch bot after you choose your Twitch broadcasting software. As your stream builds regular viewers you will want to nominate mods from your most faithful. In the meantime, use a chatbot to keep your chat spam-free and give some interactive features to your followers.


You can quickly set up the basic configuration for the leading streaming platform Twitch and OBS will let you know by alerting you if something is not optimized correctly. For other streaming services like YouTube Gaming, Mixer, Smashcast, etc. you can also use this guide as the basic configurations are usually the same. If there are certain features that are different or changes that you should know about, the respective platforms will let you know.

For information about Twitch capabilities, see Twitch-specific IRC capabilities. OpenAI’s API for their new GPT-3 model provides a very versatile, general-purpose “text in, text out” interface, making it applicable to virtually any language task. Streamlabs Chatbot is a chatbot application specifically designed for Twitch streamers. It enables streamers to automate various tasks, such as responding to chat commands, displaying notifications, moderating chat, and much more. Most chatbots offer similar features at this point, which means you can happily use any of them. Choose one that is relatively easy to use and that gives you the features that work best with your community.

Every Twitch Bot comes with a unique set of features and USPs. So, finding the best Twitch Bot for your need can be a confusing task. Well, you need to understand what is the requirement of your streamer and what do you need from the bot. As technology is constantly evolving, these bots are regularly enhanced to make them more stable and feature rich.

This Twitch Bot includes modules, commands, spam filters, and timers. As the bot is already set up with 30 commands, the bot is ready to use once added. A chatbot for Twitch and YouTube, Nightbot is a good, solid chatbot for your channel. It allows a user to automate chat in real-time with moderation.

No authentication credentials are needed to read messages sent to a channel, so we can just log all incoming messages with tmi.js without overcomplicating things. Now that we can generate text, let’s work on creating a basic Twitch chat bot that interacts with viewers using GPT-3. Creating a chatbot for Twitch doesn’t have to be an uphill task. Whether you’re technically inclined or not, there are available tools and platforms to aid this process. Choosing the right bot can have a significant impact on your stream’s quality, community engagement, and growth.

chatbot for twitch

There are many ways you can use chatbots to make your stream chat feel like a more awesome place for veteran viewers and new audience members alike. We’ve covered some of the basics of creating a Twitch chatbot for you and your friends’ channels as well as generating text with GPT-3 and combining the two. You can continue working on this by interacting with other APIs such as Twilio Programmable Messaging, or adding new features that your friends think would be useful.


If Streamlabs Chatbot keeps crashing, make sure you have the latest version installed. If the issue persists, try restarting your computer and disabling any conflicting software or overlays that might interfere with Chatbot’s operation. Sometimes an individual system’s configurations may cause anomalies that affect the application not to work correctly. Now that Streamlabs Chatbot is set up let’s explore some common issues you might encounter and how to troubleshoot them. This means that whispers will appear from Moobot and not from your custom named bot. Unfortunately, because of the heavy restrictions Twitch has put on whispers, Moobot will send all its whispers as itself, not as your bot.

After Twitch reviews the request, Twitch sends its determination to the requestor via email. After connecting to the server, the first messages that all bots must send are the PASS and NICK messages. These messages are used to authenticate the user account that the bot is running under. Reviews for Extensions, organizations, games, and chatbot verification are temporarily paused while we revise our processes. We are working to resume reviews as quickly as possible and will share updates with you shortly. Having compared the features and prices, choose the chatbot that best aligns with your needs.

As a streamer, utilizing a chat bot can enhance your channel’s interactivity, ultimately attracting more viewers and creating a supportive, enjoyable community. Chatbots for Twitch offer broad integration capabilities, adding value to your streaming setup by syncing with other services and tools. For instance, Discord, a well-known communication platform for gamers, can be integrated with Twitch chatbots. This allows streamers to manage their Discord community directly from Twitch, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient moderation process. Chatbots for Twitch are revolutionizing the way streamers interact with their audiences.

With a myriad of features, this is one of the top Twitchchatbots that can be used without the involvement of any hosting provider since it is based on the cloud network. The best part is you don’t have to attend all types of chats individually. The chatbot offers many features that can easily help you stream videos without any hesitation, from spam filters to loyalty systems. A leading platform for live streamers, StreamElements can be used on YouTube and Twitch. Thus, you do not have to worry about what your stream is being used for as the bots will keep it clean. You can completely focus on your stream and making it more engaging.

  • Viewers can earn points by watching, following, or hosting, which creates an extra level of interactivity and community around a channel.
  • You can go to the «Settings» menu for the «Custom bot name» feature to see the active name of your Twitch chat bot.
  • Yes, Streamlabs Chatbot is primarily designed for Twitch, but it may also work with other streaming platforms.
  • They also allow you to use their premium alerts to highlight when someone gives you a tip.
  • Winning new viewers is one of them, but apart from such obvious problems there are still many organisational and technical challenges to master.

With a Twitch Bot, it is possible to manage and moderate a chat between thousands of participants. These bots help with chat moderation and also offer several customized chatbot for twitch commands any user can access. It is every user’s best companion against trolls and efficiently performs moderation functions in a less amount of time.

The pro option also gives you access to over 300 premium overlays and alerts, letting you try out several different options to see what best suits your audience. It truly makes your overall branding a breeze and allows you to quickly set up a professional-looking channel. PhantomBot is one of the topTwitchchatbots where you can easily alter the code base and customize the features according to your requirements. But that is not what makes this platform best for Twitch users.

Nightbot is arguably the most user-friendly chatbot on this list. It can be used on both PC and Mac through multiple streaming platforms. Nightbot is cloud-hosted so you can manage it from your browser or console. It is highly customizable and you can set up custom and default commands as you please. As the learning curve is slight, this is the best bot for new broadcasters who don’t have any experience with bots.

This fun bot will remind you to stay hydrated at certain intervals throughout your broadcast. And then, click on the option “Connect with Twitch” to select your twitch account for connection. Here you will find a simple Python chatbot using IRC that can help demonstrate how to interact with chat on Twitch. Because I am using the same account for both it may appear as if I’m talking to myself but, one of those messages is automated and one is not. The chatbot supports you if you have an unwanted bot or troll in your Twitch or YouTube chat. A collection of scripts used to find highlights in Twitch streams according to specific words and emotes posted in chat.

Consider ease of use, customer support, and the developer’s reputation. Run the code again with node index.js, connect to your Twitch chat, and try sending a message that starts with “!generate” followed by the prompt text you want to feed to GPT-3. On the Twitch side of things, let’s begin by making an anonymous, read-only connection to a Twitch channel’s chat.

Instead, it comes loaded with an array of upgraded features frequently. You can schedule replies, filter chats, add spam, and set custom alerts and commands at ease. The user-friendly, free tool offers you many useful features that support you while streaming. Whether a newcomer or a pro, set up your stream quickly and easily and attract new viewers from the very first minute. Moobot is a chatbot that has really simplified the setup process for streamers unfamiliar with programming or jargon.

Features for giveaways and certain commands allow things to pop up on your screen. Donations are one of several ways that streamers make money through their channels. You can create custom commands, set up lists, and moderate your channel with it as well. They also allow you to use their premium alerts to highlight when someone gives you a tip. You can also work on automating the bot to ensure chat management can become much easier for you. You can also use its betting feature to entertain your viewers between video streams.

In short, chat bots are valuable allies for any serious streamer. These bots are integrated into a streamer’s channel with the primary purpose of moderating the chat. They automatically remove spam messages, links, or offensive content, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for the viewers. Besides moderation, Twitch chatbots also engage with the audience by responding to specific commands, organizing mini-games, or managing polls.

They offer a unique blend of interaction and entertainment, keeping viewers engaged and streamers free to concentrate on their content. It is a bot made by a Twitch family member so works seamlessly with Twitch. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a Chatbot to moderate their viewers. It is the perfect solution that allows you to focus on streaming.

Your Moobot can plug your socials, keep your viewers up-to-date on your schedule, or anything else by automatically posting to your Twitch chat. Your Moobot has built-in Twitch commands which can tell your Twitch chat about your social media, sponsors, or anything else you don’t want to keep repeating. Dice command by sending a message with the number rolled (for example, You rolled a 4).

chatbot for twitch

You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. If you and your viewers are using the BetterTTV extension, you can get a bot badge for your bot in Twitch chat by adding the bot in your BTTV channel settings. The account on Twitch can be a separate account registered by you just for your Twitch chat bot, uniquely named to reflect your brand, or any other account you have access to. It is always a good idea to put some chat rules in your profile so that people know what is expected of them. While most people show common sense, it is good to set guidelines so that people know you are serious. Chatbots are one of several Twitch applications that can improve your stream. If you already use Streamlabs OBS, setting up the chatbot or cloudbot is extremely simple.

Can Twitch Mods Add Bots?

So let’s walk through how to unleash the powers of GPT-3 with Twitch chat bots on your own channel using Node.js. Chatbots also simplify the life of a streamer by automating a variety of tasks. From moderating the chat to handling donations, these bots take care of a multitude of mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up the streamer to focus on creating quality content. During each episode, DEWbot continually pushed out polls within the chat stream highlighting the weekly components that users could vote on. As users voted, the bot recorded results, allowing on-air hosts to update the community in real time and determine a winning component for the Super Rig at the end of each episode.

chatbot for twitch

If you receive the following IRC Notice message after sending a chat message, you must enable phone verification for your chatbot. Once the server successfully authenticates your bot, the next step is to send a JOIN message to join the chat room that the bot runs in. Because I am using the same account for both it may appear as if I’m talking to myself, but one of those messages is automated and one is not.

It offers a range of raffles, games and gambling options to keep the chat going on. Twitch is undoubtedly the largest video distribution system available in the world. In this age of online streamers and content providers, Twitch has created a strong reputation for itself.

If 10 users are running the bot on a single bot account, the rate limit applies across all 10 users (meaning that the 10 users combined can send a total of 20 messages). If each user is using a different bot account, each bot account has its own rate limit (meaning that each user can send 20 messages). The Twitch IRC server sends PING messages to ensure that your bot is still alive and able to respond to the server’s messages.

  • After Twitch reviews the request, Twitch sends its determination to the requestor via email.
  • You can do this directly from your dashboard’s status widget, in your Twitch chat, or through your Twitch Roles page.
  • And obviously, Streamlabs Cloudbot works seamlessly with other Streamlabs products and services.
  • When you visit it, you will find a button s3aying “Login with Twitch”.

Most chatbots provide detailed instructions for this step, and many also offer support services to assist with setup. Ensure you familiarize yourself with all the chatbot’s features and capabilities to maximize its potential. Motivations for Buying Twitch Chat Bots

The primary reason for investing in Twitch chatbots is to manage the high engagement level in chat rooms. During live streaming on Twitch, chat rooms are a crucial platform for viewer interaction. To manage this interaction, many streamers opt for Twitch chatbots. It helps users manage all chats with customizing features, quotes, and others, but it also works well in queuing different schedules for better management.

chatbot for twitch

If you do not wish to use any cloud-based software, Streamlabs is the ideal platform to manage your streaming channels on Twitch and several other portals. It moderates both video streams and chat management much easy. This time you’ll have to replace your_username with whatever Twitch account you’re using to test this with, preferably one you created for your bot. If you’re looking for a feature-rich, user-friendly Twitch chat bot that offers a range of customization options, look no further than Fossabot. Having humans in moderation is important, but you cannot expect them to keep pace with the ever increasing volume of chats. Also, human tend to make mistakes, and chatbots are here to simply eliminate these chances.

Chatbots serve as a digital assistant for Twitch streamers, offering a plethora of benefits that significantly enhance the streaming experience for both streamers and their audience. Yes, Streamlabs Chatbot is primarily designed for Twitch, but it may also work with other streaming platforms. However, it’s essential to check compatibility and functionality with each specific platform.

Moobot emulates a lot of similar features to other chatbots such as song requests, custom messages that post over time, and notifications. They also have a polling system that creates sharable pie charts. With no software to be downloaded, Wizebot has become one of the top Twitch chatbots. It offers a wide range of customizable features like alerts, commands, banned words and phrases. StreamElements is usually a streamer’s second choice when it comes to implementing a chatbot into a Twitch broadcast.

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Chatbots interact with the viewers, respond to their commands, and even organize on-stream games or polls. This active participation encourages viewers to stay connected and involved with the stream, thereby increasing their overall engagement and enhancing the streamer’s viewership. Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers, where more than 45 million gamers gather every month to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. We tapped into this unprecedented audience to reach gamers everywhere who are highly engaged. During streams, users are already accustomed to dealing with bots native to the Twitch platform, but we wanted to take this to the next level. Own3d Pro is a chatbot that also offers you branding for your stream.

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If you want to use a Twitch chatbot app with amazing features that can help you stream videos and manage chats easily. With this, you can easily work on overlays and modify the template arrangements accordingly. If you are looking for a top Twitch chatbot to manage all chats on Twitch and YouTube, StreamElements has covered all your needs. This application will keep your inbox clean and less flooded, from managing different types of chats to deleting the fewer prior ones.