We have in house design capabilities and are able to offer a design service up to 33kV using the latest software. This includes network analysis and fault level studies, grading and protection studies, cable sizing and LV distribution design.




EIS are able to supply and install High Voltage switchgear, transformers, cables and LV distribution equipment for almost any application, following seamlessly on from the design through a project management service to completion.





We have our own experienced engineers who are able to test and commission electrical systems up to 33kV, earthing systems and most protection relays. The engineers, specialising in High Voltage, have laptops loaded with the latest software to enable electronic protection relays to be tested and parameters set. We can also carry out primary and secondary injection testing of equipment and systems if required. G99 injection testing can be performed with DNO witness engineers to satisfy the protection requirements for generation systems.


Insulation tests up to 5kV

AC/DC pressure tests up to 33kV

VLF cable testing

High Voltage and Low Voltage winding insulation tests

Oil sampling and testing (electrical breakdown, acidity, water & PCB content, DGA analysis)

Ductor testing

Primary and secondary current injection

Soil resistivity measurements

Earth electrode & system resistance including no disconnect testing

G99 injection testing





EIS enjoy working closely with a client over several years, developing a common strategy and goal for the client to minimise infrastructure failures and business disruption. Our maintenance package is therefore called a Maintenance Partnership, emphasising the relationship between us and the client and reinforcing our commitment to the site. We work with the client to identify and eliminate possible areas of failure or concern, whether this is common mode failure of a particular piece of equipment or an installation issue that needs correcting. These are highlighted in a professional report that clearly details any problems and suggested solutions. For clients where we have a repair contract, we will simply carry out the remedial work and issue a subsequent report detailing the parts and labour.

Maintenance Partnerships can be simply an annual inspection and test, or more frequent such as weekly, monthly or quarterly as required.




EIS engineers have the skills necessary to carry out a wide range of fault finding services on electrical systems from high voltage switchgear and cables to electronic relays and control systems. Because we work in so many diverse industries and for a large number of totally different clients, we are able combine the knowledge gained in all these areas to assist with our fault finding.



EIS can offer a 24/7 call out service if required and regularly attend sites at short notice where a switching engineer is required, or a fault is present and needs resolving, sometimes being jokingly called International Rescue!

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