EIS provide and install battery storage and Voltage Optimisation solutions that integrate with your existing electrical infrastructure.

Your company could realise some of the following benefits:

Inline uninterruptable power supply for your business.

Do you suffer from power blackouts and voltage dips that affect your business process? An in-line battery ups will prevent the problem by seamlessly switching to battery backup following a mains failure in less than 50ms so computers and PCs will not be affected.

Avoidance of grid charges such as Triad and DuoS charges.

During Triad warning periods switch to battery back up and take your system off-grid to guarantee avoidance of retrospectively unplanned charges.

Generate income by committing to grid support with your battery backup.

Potentially generate £000’s per annum by allowing your battery storage system to be used for grid support via FFR & EFR schemes.

Reduce your electricity bills with Voltage Optimisation technology. The voltage in the UK can be as high 253V which is potentially costing you, the consumer significant amounts on electricity bills. By using proven technology to reduce your voltage to 220V, you could save £000’s on your electricity bills. The average savings are around 10% with the pay back of the systems costs, typically 3-4 years, with savings realised indefinitely.

A simple non-invasive survey will determine what savings you could make.